Types of motorcycles you should know

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Have you recently acquired your license, or are you simply interested in motorcycles as a whole? Then there are a few different kinds of motorcycles that you should be able to tell apart. Below we have listed these, so be sure to take a look!

Standard bikes

These are very common. Standard bikes come in many different sizes, but most of them are characterized by the fact that the rider sits in quite an upright position, making steering and getting around easier and more comfortable than on many other types of bikes.

Scramblers and café racers

Built on the base of standard bikes, but customized in certain ways. Scramblers look a bit more like dirt bikes and café racers have a more aggressive seated position. Often built on vintage frames with special parts, which can be easy to find thanks to websites like CB705faces.com.

Sports bike

These types of bikes look like the ones you see in the Moto GP on TV, with riders usually donning a full leather riding outfit. These bikes are built to be fast and look the part as well.  Some of these are ‘naked’, which is a term used to the style of sport bikes with no fairings. Thus the engine and frame are exposed to the eye.

Touring bike

These big motorcycles are made for comfort when the journey is long and the stops will be few and far in between. They generally have plenty of space to store your luggage and very comfortable seating and steering qualities.

Not all of them

The aforementioned types of bikes aren’t even all of them! We do hope to have given you some insight and information about the generally seen types of motorcycles and that you’ve enjoyed reading through them at this time.