The tastiest dishes from the Italian cuisine

Italy is a very popular holiday destination in Europe. Annually millions of people decide to take the plane or car to Italy, which is not surprising at all. Italy has a beautiful climate, delicious wines, beautiful coastal areas, old towns and several nature reserves. Plenty of reasons to take a couple of weeks off and spent your holiday there. But that is not all, Italy has one more big reason, the Italian cuisine. The Italian dishes are a favorite of many and are eaten all over the world. Some dishes belong among the most eaten dishes, which dishes are we talking about? 


Italy is well known for their wide variety of pasta dishes. We can find the origin of pastas all the way in China, over there we know them as noodles. People say that it was Marco Polo who brought these dishes back to Italy on one of his many journeys to Asia, but it is also known that the old Greeks and Romans had their own versions of pastas. A Roman writer with the name of Apicius wrote something about a type of pasta that contained a filling with the name ‘lagana’, you can compare this with the present-day ravioli. The most famous Italian pasta dishes are spaghetti, macaroni, penne, fusilli, tagliatelle, tortellini, ravioli and gnocchi. 


Even though lasagna is practically a pasta, we decided to write it down separately. Lasagne is also known as a dish because it gets built up in several layers and prepared in the oven. These layers contain lasagna sauce, vegetables, meat (mostly ground beef and/or Italian sausage, lasagne noodles and eventually a top layer of cheese. There are a lot of different ingredients that can be used for a lasagna, along with multiple kinds of sauces. It is fun to play with and to try out different ingredients every single time, there are also a big variety of recipes that you can find online. 


Focaccia is the most popular type of bread that you can find in Italy, and that’s not very surprising. We can find the origin of the name in the Latin word ‘Facacius’, which means ‘bread baked on fire’. Focaccia contains more ingredients then common bread, obviously the bread itself gets made from water, salt, yeast and wheat. But the Italians add several ingredients for a better flavour, like herbs, olive oil, cheese, ham and multiple kinds of vegetables. 


Pizza is a dish that cannot be forgotten in this list, over 17% of the restaurants globally are pizzerias. Thousands travel to Italy just to eat a pizza from one of the many authentic pizzerias, apparently you have to wait several hours at some of the most popular pizzerias due to a lot of people waiting. A fresh pizza is obviously the best, however hundreds of millions of frozen pizzas get eaten every year. The crusts of these pizzas are made in a special pizza crust factory, afterwards they get transported to the big pizza brands.