Different Types of Dart Grips

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The game of darts involves a simple act of throwing, which is actually complex enough. In the game, the dart-throwing hold is known as the dart grip. There are different types of dart grips from and you can choose the suitable style for you. You can find the three most popular ways to choose when it comes to hitting dartboards successfully. 

Three Finger Dart Grip

This type of dart grip involves the use of three fingers, thumb, index and middle. It is popularly known as the pencil grip and used by Taylor, one of the most successful dart players across the world. Also, it is the most common dart grip. You can use this grip conveniently since it is as simple as holding a pen or pencil. 

Four Finger Dart Grip

This style of grip can remind you that there is scope to use more than three fingers for the better control on your throw. This technique uses thumb, index, middle and also the ring finger. It allows you to aim better. However, you can find a drawback with this technique. The release of dart may be harder with four-finger coordination. 

Five Finger Dart Grip

It uses all of the fingers in your hand. The use of five fingers for the grip helps you have the most control over the aim. However, it is the hardest way to release the dart. This technique is not widely used, as a consistent release is of importance when it comes to throwing darts successfully. 

Unorthodox Dart grip

This is another dart grip style that involves two fingers. The unorthodox grip is an unusual dart grip. Although it enables you to release in a better way, you will find very little coordination for aiming. The world champion in darts, Rob Cross has been used this grip to beat Taylor in the championship. The technique utilises thumb and index finger.

You need to select the right dart-throwing hold for you. By practising well, you can decide, which one is the right technique for you.