Clothes that never go out of style!

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We see it every year, fashion styles are changing continuously. The fashion trends of the 70’s are now back and trends of a couple of years ago are barely seen anymore right now. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with these ongoing changes! Especially when you do not have the time to frequently check the current fashion trends. Therefore, we will give you some clothing items that will never go out of style!

Coats and jackets

Just like every other clothing item, coats and jackets see different trends every year. However, one coat that keeps coming back is the trenchcoat. Nowadays, the trenchcoat comes in many styles. From the classic Burberry-style to the sexy evening look, this coat is suitable for any occasion. Besides that, this coat looks good on everyone! Trenchcoats are also easy to combine with pretty much everything. From a t-shirt with jeans to a short dress, it always works! Another jacket that is always in fashion, is the blazer. A blazer might not protect you from windy and rainy weather conditions like the trenchcoat does, but it is still a jacket that is highly popular. These jackets too come in different styles. For the more casual look, a fluid blazer is a good option. Do you want a more formal or professional style, then the tailored blazer will be the best choice. You can create many looks with a blazer, from feminine and sexy by using skinny jeans and high heels to a more boyish look by combining the blazer with baggy jeans and sneakers. It is all possible and it all looks good!


Everyone has t-shirts in their closet. The white t-shirt is a must-have for every woman! A white t-shirt is probably the most basic but still stylish clothing item there is. It can be combined with jeans, skirts, pantalons or even underneath a dress. No matter how you wear it, the white t-shirt always looks fashionable and fresh. The black t-shirt is also an item you need in your wardrobe! Just like the white tee, the black t-shirt can be combined with many different items and still look classy. This shirt has an elegant touch to it and can lead to a sophisticated look when combined with blazers, skirts or just a pair of jeans and high heels. In short, every woman needs a basic t-shirt!

The little black dress

The little black dress has been on the timeless clothing list forever! This is no surprise, as the little black dress has been a classic every since Audry Hepburn rocked it in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Not only does the little black dress come in very different styles, this classic items can also be worn frequently without people noticing right away that you’ve worn it before! The dress can be worn to the office, to parties, to a day of shopping or on holidays. This dress can basically work in any situation. Thank you Audrey for introducing us to the stylish look of the little black dress!