Bagging methods for bags with open mouths

open mouth bags

There are many different materials, widths, and designs of open-mouth bags; only a few categories are nylon, parchment, polystyrene, and polyamide. Shutdowns can be latched, zipped, or squeezed. We constantly propose the best option for your products. With us, you will discover a range of bagging configurations for open-mouth bags. We offer fully automated setups for stocking these types of bags, in which the load is refilled, examined, and closed automatically. Multiple products or bag dimensions may be easily adjusted for each machine due to the quick setup periods and speeds of 200 to 1500 bags per hour.

Semi-automatic bagging systems are also a possibility. The dosing and closing are robotic; however, the bag is linked by hand. Modal gadgets from Techiest give maximum pleasure. Your bags are packed on time and correctly. The machine’s adaptability allows for the use of multiple bag sizes. Bags with open mouths are closed on at least one side by folding, stitching, or gluing. The high-quality materials and building methods available ensure that your items have a longer shelf life. Re-opening gadgets can ensure that the end-user protects the product for a more extended amount of time.

There is a choice of colored or unpainted paper, with grimaces varying from 80gsm to 150gsm. Design services and printing in up to ten colors, comprising procedure printing, are available. Paints and films can be sprayed to provide a gloss surface or to increase frictional and mechanical properties. Open mouth bags with PE inline, metalized, and titanium coated slats are offered for specific barrier characteristics.


Bags are cheap, and for high-volume clients, bag costs may outweigh gear savings.

The use of valve kind bag injectors is prohibited due to product properties.

Open mouth bags are not susceptible to infestations and can be completely waterproof.

They are self-sufficient in terms of display.

They offer a dependable sanitary closure.

They are reliable and straightforward to use.

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