A deburring machine is the best solution

Looking for a machine that removes the burrs and sharps from your products? Than a deburring machine is the answer. Q-fin developed a machine that deburrs all the burrs and sharps at your products, even the invisible ones. Our deburring machine is the best solution for deburring and smoothing metal materials.

Produce faster, higher quality products

Burrs and sharps reduce the quality of your products and damage your machines.
Q-fins deburring machine will smooth the hardened sharp spurs that occur from time to time. This machine makes it possible to produce faster, higher quality products, without damaging your machines. So, this means you can realize an optimal use of your machines without any defect.

Considering investing in a deburring machine?

Are you considering investing in a deburring machine? Than we ensure you this is the best choice for your company and your products. Our deburring machine can be used on hundreds of components, including aluminium, stainless steel and steel components. By investing in one of our deburring machines you will be saving money. With this machine you don’t need to invest in new machines anymore because your old ones are damaged by burrs.