3 Sim Racing liveries you must have seen

The world of Sim Racing seems to get larger and larger, especially during the whole Covid-19 situation. Even famous formula 1 drivers try to battle with virtual online grands prix, of course this is a nice alternative for the cancelled ones. However, in this article I would like to highlight 3 Sim Racing liveries you probably have never seen before on a racing car.

#1 Cosmo Team YTF1

Cosmo Team is involved in the Grand Prix Virtual World Championship and participates in the Super Leaugue. The design consist of some zebra camouflage combined with some blue-purple gradients. Overall it looks quite cool and sleek, it somehow also reminds me of the LMP1 Rebellion Racing’ livery used in 2018.

#2 Ricciardo helmet Livery

Back in 2019, Daniel Ricciardo showed off a unique pink, green, blue and black paint-job for his helmet. The helmet design was made by the artist Nicolai Sclater, better known as Ornamental Conifer. This design is very same design displayed on the racing car in the picture above. This livery design became so popular among sim racers and racing communities and there was such a demand, that livery designers created a car livery from this helmet design. This livery is downloadable and can be used in various E-sports games, a nice addition to the helmet!

#3 Pescara Edonis engineering

Pescare Edonis engineering is a Sim Racing team that participates in the Grand Prix Virtual World Championship. This livery is characterized by very strong contracts between black background and the bright orange and light blue gradients.

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