2 Person Outdoor Chaise Lounge

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The purchase of a 2 person outdoor chaise lounge will bring a hint of luxury to the poolside or patio while allowing an enhanced level of ‘intimacy’. More and more people are enjoying the feeling of luxury and relaxation provided by these daybeds.

Quality construction

For outdoor use, these 2 person outdoor chaise lounge products are hand-made using the best quality materials. Mounted on a ‘double coated’ stainless-steel frame, these chaise lounge are extremely durable and require very little maintenance.

Materials and colours

The chaise lounge is upholstered with high resilience cool foam and the coverings, available in a wide choice of colours, are produced from simulated leather which continues to be reasonably cool even in sunlight. The material is designed for exterior use and is resistant to both salt-water and chlorinated-water which allows it to be placed close to a pool without any adverse effects.

What is included?

These quality products are provided with a headrest and cushions to provide a luxury feel. The simple maintenance of the chaise lounge is provided for by a cleaning kit and a protective cover is also included in the package.

2 person outdoor chaise lounge

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